Face your FEARS, so you can CONQUER them

Moving your body is not just good for physical activity, it's also a part of your emotional health. We're dedicated to helping you explore the power of being active, face your fears and get the DISCIPLINE.

We meet our clients with their fitness DREAMS, to create plans and GOALS that work for them and their lives.

Whether you want to lose 10-12 lbs. to fit into your clothes better, build your strength and confidence-or anything in between, you can expect results at our studio-gym in Fremont, located in the rear of Murco Plaza. 

At FBC Fitness we develop coaching programs around your lifestyle. And not only.

Also, we provide nutrition coaching, general meal plans, that will be the key to a suitable, successful, and healthy future.

Remember, rising to a physical challenge can make you feel powerful in every way! 

Conveniently located in Downtown Fremont, at the rear of the Murco Plaza, near Bart Station, with plentiful parking space, you're ready to get results and an education that will last a lifetime.


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Are You Ready to Your Next Greatest Version of Yourself?

We are Here to Dedicate This to You!

Meet our trainers

Personal Trainer BIO


The DREAMS should move you forward, not the problems! 

That's how and why I became a personal trainer: to inspire and encourage people for a healthy lifestyle, to be better, to believe in yourself and never give up on any obstacles of the life, DO NOT FIND EXCUSES! 

If you know what you want in this life, that's good. But if you did some steps to achieve it, that's wonderful. Sometimes, it happens that the strength has left you. Of course, failures happen to everyone, that's how runs the world.  You just have to remember that the white stripe follows the black, rehab follows the illness... 

Always find the strength in yourself to overcome obstacles.

Education and Certifications

**CPR /AED (Automated External Defibrillator) Certification
*National Exercice&Sports Trainer Association, Certified Personal Trainer 
More than 7 years of experience.

Personal Trainer BIO


I started my routine at the gym due to my recovering period after two pregnancies. I was over 200 lbs...Incredible! 

The person who always encouraged me was my husband, thanks to him I was able to face my fears, get the success. What I got, was from my personal experience.

​I had this problem > I did this to overcome > Now I do this to help you overcome the problem and NEVER, NEVER GIVE UP!

 That's how and why I became a personal trainer.

The video below will show you my incredible story!

Education and Certifications

**CPR /AED (Automated External Defibrillator) Certification

*National Exercice&Sports Trainer Association, Certified Personal Trainer

* Personal Training Academy Global, Certified Personal Trainer

More than 5 years of experience.


Licensed and Insured

Licence No#: 84-1901822
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