You most likely noticed that when a person wants to lose a couple of kilograms, he immediately begins to intensively engage in jogging.

But the funny thing is that this method of losing weight is actually not so effective.

Why and is it possible to lose weight from strength training? To answer this question, let's take a look at both types of training to understand which one is more effective.

So, for beginners, you first need to explain how our metabolism works and how the process of burning subcutaneous and visceral fat in the body occurs.

I will try to explain as simply as possible how all the same exercise affects weight loss.

Most likely you already know that during the whole day your body burns calories. Calories are fuel for your body, without which you simply cannot live and function normally.

Yes, calories supply our whole body with energy and our body burns calories even when we sleep, it sounds good, right?

But when you consume more calories than your body needs, it just starts to store them for "emergency" situations and that's how people gain weight.

In fact, there are a huge number of factors that you should consider. This is your age, genetics, health, medicines that you take.

So, most of the calories your body consumes are so that you simply can exist and this is called the basic metabolic rate. In other words, this is the number of calories that we need to survive and you spend this amount even when you just sit and do nothing.

The main factor in your metabolic rate is your body weight. I'll explain now that muscles consume more calories than regular fat. For example, for every 500 grams of muscle, there are somewhere between 5-10 calories, while fat burns only 2-4 calories by the same amount.

Moreover, training burns only about 10-20% of calories, while the metabolic process requires about 70% of the total calories, the rest falls on processes such as digestion, etc.

So, even if you burn calories during running, I would even say it does not give anything good. However, simple fat loss will not help you increase your metabolism. Moreover, long cardio sessions lead to the production of the hormone "cortisol" and when this hormone is present in the body for too long, our brain begins to think that the body is in danger and takes various protective measures. For example, it switches to storage mode, and anything you eat becomes even more high-calorie.

So, sometimes cardio can harm your weight loss process. Also because of cardio we lose muscles!

How about weight training? It is possible to lose weight? On average, a person of 35 years old and weighing 80 kg burns about 240 calories during a thirty-minute enhanced workout with extra weights. Plus, the body continues to burn calories even after such a workout. But with weight training is a little more complicated, because there are a huge number of different schemes. For example, training in the gym, on simulators, with own weight, with free weights, etc. That's why from the beginning you need a trainer who will explain and perform your knowledge. And during this workout, you should give all your best to maximize your workout. After all, strength exercises will help you not only lose extra pounds but also tidy up your metabolism, moreover, your body will not have problems with hormones, the level of cortisol in the blood will decrease.

And in the end, the result that you get will pleasantly surprise you.

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