Our lifestyle does something incredible with eating habits. I mean that we eat in a different places without a daily schedule, without paying attention to what we eat. Or is it absolutely normal to eat anything and anywhere? What do you think? Well, welcome to comment!

It would be more useful to inspire the children: "you are what you eat." This is true, from malnutrition there are problems with weight, skin, health in general. From the last 7 years I have been changed my habits and I'm trying to promote the healthy lifestyle among my clients.

So, in my opinion, the benefits of homemade food are the following:

1. Cooking at home is more economical. The cost of the products individually is much cheaper than the price at somewhere in the cafe or restaurant.

2. Always know the ingredients. For example, the food that you make, look more attractive than a canned one.

3. Utensil. Homemade food is also good because you always know who uses your plates and forks and spoons beside you. Great advantage.

4. Cooking takes enough time. It can be considered as plus and minus. Anyone who likes to cook (for example, me) will spend their free time painlessly in the kitchen. And also Well, who does not like...

5. Home food always brings all family members together.

The cons of homemade food it could be considered:

1. Homemade food can be unbalanced in calories and composition. If in the family the tradition of fatty or excessively spicy food was passed down from generation to generation, then such home-made food will be more a minus than a plus. By the way, there is even a theory of aging. It says that fatty and sweet foods contribute to faster aging of the body.

The pros and cons of public catering, depending on how you treat this situation.

1. Gastritis. No matter how well the dishes were handled in a restaurant, regulars in such places have a much higher risk of gastritis. Minus.

2. Those who do not know how or do not like to cook will not starve to death. It is said, of course, a little rude, but reflect the truth. Cafes and restaurants help to more or less eat right and not make efforts to cook food.

3. Save time. It's also clear.

4. The opportunity to meet and chat with friends in a pleasant environment.

5. The quality of the food. It can be both good enough and simply disgusting.

6. The public. If at home there are only those people whom we know and love, then in a cafe a large number of extraneous and sometimes unpleasant personalities are watching how we eat. (Personally, I do not pay attention to this, but for some, it may be important).

What I think about this: I respect people who cook tasty and wholesome food at home and I am suspicious of those who try to find out excuses. Personally, in 70% of cases, I take food with me, I like to cook. For my table, I choose as useful food as possible: chicken, turkey, oats, cottage cheese, eggs, vegetables, fruits, and much more. I also love sweets, but I allow myself only one dessert a week and it makes by myself too.

Do not neglect what you eat. Create a menu for yourself, monitor the quality and quantity of products. The body will be very grateful!

Thanks to those who are interested in the topic!